You Be You: Creating Content for the Gen Z Design Aesthetic

Today’s young adults have enormous buying power, but they’re choosy shoppers with particular tastes. Understanding what drives their purchasing decisions can help you design content that resonates with Gen Z.

Understanding the Basics

What kind of design does Gen Z like?

Design for Gen Z should have a nostalgic quality. Having come of age during turbulent times, this demographic tends to romanticize the pre-social media era. Designs that remind Gen Zers of childhood are especially successful. Using typography is an excellent way to reference specific periods for retro design.

What percent of Gen Z has social media?

Members of Gen Z are the first true digital natives and the most active on social media, where they spend an average of nearly three hours a day. This demographic relies on social media to find and shop for products, with 97% saying social media is their top way of researching shopping options.

What are Gen Z aesthetics?

Gen Z design aesthetics are often inspired by nostalgia, particularly for periods such as the early 1990s that the generation perceives to have been more stable than their childhood years. Characters, especially cartoon ones like the Duolingo owl, are an effective way to tell brand stories and keep Gen Zers engaged on social media.

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